Gastroenterology Procedures

Welcome to South Jersey Gastroenterology. For your convenience we perform our Upper Endoscopies and Colonoscopies at multiple locations throughout south jersey. We perform most of our procedures at our state of the art facility, The Endocenter at Voorhees ( and two other ambulatory surgical centers located in Mount Laurel (Surgical Care Affiliates) and another in Voorhees, Summit Surgical Center.

We also perform some of our procedures in the hospital at Virtua Marlton, Virtua Voorhees and Kennedy Cherry Hill. Capsule studies are done at our office.

Hemorrhoidal Banding

At South Jersey GI we use the patented CRH O'Regan Banding System for the non surgical treatment of Hemorrhoids. This highly effective (99.1%) minimally invasive procedure is performed in our office in less than a minute. This procedure is a new pain free alternative to surgery for hemorrhoids. It does not require a prep and you can return to your normal activities right after the procedure.

For more information on hemorrhoids and therapy with the CRH O'Regan Banding System visit their web site

Breath Tests

Breath tests are simple noninvasive studies to help determine if you have milk or lactose intolerance, and or a fructose intolerance found commonly in many foods.

We also have a breath test to help determine if you have a common infection of the stomach called H. Pylori, which is a common cause of ulcers and GI distress.

All these studies require are that you come into our office and breathe into a small bag. It’s as simple as that.

Preps Area

Below are a list of various preps used for your colonoscopy. Always be sure to follow the directions given to you at your office visit, as our doctors often make small adjustments to the prep instructions.

Patient Information

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